Why Your Facility Will Benefit From Trade Associations

By Tom Monaghan, PGA of Canada & President of Monaghan Golf Group

Your Partners In Business

Every industry has a related trade association that lends assistance and benefits to individuals or organizations that pay to join their ranks and the golf industry is no different. Each department at a golf facility has a corresponding association that can add value to the individual managers and the facility as a whole. The question is, what are these associations and how can they enhance your golf operation?

We will focus on a few of the larger associations such as the Professional Golfers Association of Canada (PGA of Canada), the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) and the Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM).  This list, however, is certainly not exhaustive; if there is a niche within your club there likely is a corresponding association. The aforementioned ones cover everything from agronomy and golf operations to food and beverage and everything in between. 


Professional Golfers Association of Canada

  • The PGA of Canada is over a century year old with a membership of 3700 golf professionals from across Canada.  It’s mission - which is aligned with Golf Canada, the National Sport Organization for golf in Canada - is to develop, promote, and support its members in living a better life and earning a better living while growing participation, excellence and passion for the sport of golf. 

  • The services and programs provided by the PGA of Canada to its Members and facilities is a long list, however some of those most often cited by fellow members are: the golf instruction and coaching training programs recognized and certified by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Professional Development opportunities, access to National programs such as Get Golf Ready, National Golf in Schools program, Future Links, the national junior program and PGA Jr League Golf.

  • The PGA of Canada also offers all of its members a comprehensive insurance program that protects the member, their family and their facility. A key component of this coverage is the general liability for up to $10,000,000. per instance. Additionally, the PGA of Canada is the only PGA in the world that offers a Member Assistance Program (MAP).

  • The national tournament program also provides members with a number of opportunities to compete against fellow golf professionals from across the country in various formats. 

The strength of the PGA brand has allowed the Association to position itself as the leaders and experts in golf. More information can be found on the PGA of Canada website in the members section under Member Services: http://www.pgaofcanada.com/membership/index.aspx


National Golf Course Owners Association

  • The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) is a trade association owned and governed by its members, golf course owners and operators. The mission of the Association is to provide business support to Canadian golf course owners and stakeholders. 

  • The NGCOA offers many benefits to its members including a national group purchasing program, Golfmax, that allows even the smallest operators the ability to take advantage of bulk buying opportunities. 

  • The government relations program has been a key benefit to many golf course owners with lobbying happening at all levels of government in most provinces and at the Federal level. An ongoing lobby effort by the NGCOA is for federal tax fairness. 

  • The NGCOA offers members an annual conference that focuses on education and networking opportunities that draws hundreds of delegates from across the country each year. 

  • Research of various sectors of the industry is also a key benefit to members. Rounds played and weather reports, retail benchmarking and compensation and benefit surveying a just a few of the robust research modules offered to NGCOA members.

More information on the NGCOA can be found by visiting www.ngcoa.ca


Canadian Society of Club Managers

  • The Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM) is a national professional society of over 550 individuals involved in the management of clubs in Canada. Typically members are made up of General Managers, CEOs, COOs and senior management. Members of the CSCM represent over 280 clubs across the country. 

  • This association benefits members in a number of ways but the focus is on promoting and developing the profession of club management. To that end, many of the programs offered by the CSCM focus on education, certification, career development and networking. 

  • They also offer a national conference, professional development opportunities and a corporate partnership program providing members preferred pricing in a number of categories including insurance, food service suppliers and fleet vehicle lease and purchase programs.

Visit the CSCM website for more details www.cscm.org


Canadian Golf Superintendents Association

  • The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) was established in 1966 and currently has over 1400 members. This trade association accredits members who are turf grass specialists in golf and their mission is to promote and support the Canadian golf course management profession. The CGSA provides numerous benefits to its members. The accreditation program allows the CGSA member to provide golf course owners and operators with the skill set and education they are looking for in a valued employee. 

  • The Canadian International Turfgrass Conference and Trade show is hosted annually by the CGSA to provide its members with current industry best practices, products and education. 

  • Members also have access to numerous publications that have been researched by the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation including its official national publication GreenMaster. 

  • Members also have access to RRSP and Group benefits packages through the CGSA.

Visit the CGSA website for more details www.golfsupers.com

Trade associations can be an integral part of successful golf operations by providing support and the necessary tools to help your personnel be their best and contribute positively to your facility.