Top 5 Reasons to Buy A Golf Membership

By James Presnail, Director of Golf Operations at Monaghan Golf Group & GM of Shadow Ridge Golf Club

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Fall is around the corner but don’t put your clubs away just yet! Autumn is the perfect time to scope out great deals on golf memberships. Clubs everywhere are looking to build their membership base and the end-of-season deals may be the best value you will find.

Why buy a membership when there are so many options out there? Below are five great reasons to invest with a membership at a single club.

  1. Best value. Let’s talk dollars and cents. Sure, it might seem like a chunk of dough up front but it really is the best value per round of golf. If you play twice a week from May through to October, in some places your average round of golf is less than $25. That’s great value. Also, look at the fine print. Some courses offer flexible payment options.

  2. Opportunity to improve. Playing at your ‘home course’ gives you the opportunity to consistently improve in a measurable way.

  3. No guilt. Let’s say it’s raining, it’s too hot or you just don’t have the ‘drive’ to finish eighteen holes. No worries - because you have a membership, you don’t have to feel guilty about missing out on a tee time.

  4. Belonging. Being a member at a club offers lots of tangible and intangible benefits. Not only do you get to play in member-only events and receive account-charging privileges, you also get camaraderie and a sense of belonging. A place where the staff know your name, your preferred ball brand or even your favourite drink. It’s a place where you can keep up your friendships and constantly meet other golf enthusiasts like yourself.

  5. Get it all in one place. Exercise, fresh air, camaraderie, great value, a place to improve your game, perks like member-only discounts and a one-stop shop for all your golf needs, whether it be equipment, lessons or a new hat – a golf membership offers it all.