E-Commerce, Meet the Golf Industry.

By Alex Young, Golf Shop Manager at Langara Golf Course

There’s a revolution happening in golf. In a game that’s centuries old and deeply embedded in tradition, we’ve witnessed recent changes ranging from groundbreaking technology in equipment and turf care to the emergence of the entertainment-cum-golf industry like “The Match” and the introduction of facilities like Top Golf. The golf industry is embracing a new era and becoming more accessible and appealing to younger generations than ever before.

Golf sits on the edge of another frontier: e-commerce. As a sport with a diverse, dedicated and global community, embracing online shopping and retail-based experiences will help further develop and grow the market. Through e-commerce, players can have access to a greater selection of top-tier equipment, the ability to purchase the same clothing brands worn by their favourite pros and even have a subscription box service deliver unique golf products to their door such as The Caddy Shop. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow players to interface with their golf icons (and the brands they represent!) making golf more accessible and palatable to the generations who are growing up with the internet.

The next generations are digital savvy and expect their favourite sports to be as well. In an industry that’s been traditionally a little slow keeping up to the quick pace of change, it’s time for us to make the leap. If we’re able to connect to players digitally and offer them what they need and want, their love of the game will only grow. And that is how this game will evolve; by broadening our e-horizons and pushing our e-boundaries.