Forget Your Big Box Stores - Buy Local!

By Shawne MacIntyre, Communications Manager at Monaghan Golf Group

Who doesn’t like a deal? We all do. In this age of Big Box stores and Amazon, we consumers tend to think that bigger equals better. But we know that’s not really true, is it?

Buying local isn’t just for your organic vegetables. You can buy local and get unique one-offs of clothing or even shoes, hand-crafted grooming products or mom-made kids’ clothes. You can support your locally-owned gym instead of a trendy chain. Eat at a restaurant run by an entrepreneur rather than an anonymous set of investors. Even pick up name-brand sports clothing and gear for prices that are competitive with any big box golf store.

When you buy local you do many things:

  1. You keep your money in your community

  2. You support entrepreneurship

  3. You leave a smaller carbon footprint (no shipping!)

  4. You make personal connections

  5. You can often try before you buy

And buying local doesn’t mean you miss out on deals, either. Many local shops have their own loyalty programs or offer price matches with those of the larger chains. You can often get personalized, useful advice directly from someone who knows their products inside out.

The next time you feel the urge to surf and shop, try walking and talking to your local business owners before you buy.