Off-Season Blues? Time to Sharpen Your Game.

By Derek Thornley, Director of Instruction at Fraserview Golf Academy


Many recreational golfers look at the off-season as a rest from the game. However, the competitive golfers view this as the most important time of the year. No matter which camp you fall into – even if it’s in the middle - the off-season really is the best time to reflect, review and set some goals.

Review Strengths and Weaknesses - First things first: begin with a comprehensive review of your strengths and weaknesses. This could include an assessment of short-game, full-swing, specialty shots, playing equipment, mental game or fitness level - everything that effects your performance during a game. No need to get overwhelmed! You could consider a qualified PGA professional to help walk you through a thoughtful post-season review. Call your local course for recommendations.

Set Priorities - After determining the areas where you wish to (or need to!) improve, it’s time to set priorities. Your top priority is the thing that will make the biggest impact on strengthening your game. Is it your drives or your putting? Golf professionals are in the business of understanding, coaching and supporting you on your journey to game improvement. Using game analysis and goal-setting, they can help break down the complexities of the game into manageable action steps that include drills, exercises, feedback and corrections, if needed. 

Goal Setting - Off-season game improvement could be as simple as adopting a new stretching routine or working on putting fundamentals within the comfort of your living room. But the key is to set your goal.

Whether your goals are modest or lofty, the most important approach to improving your game this winter is to view the off-season as a wonderful opportunity to relax, review and design your pathway to higher success. Reflect on what motivates you the most to want to improve. Consider working with a professional PGA coach who can help you analyze and guide you through this process. Making a series of small, well-directed steps can add up to a truly significant change over a period of time.

How will you use this time to your best advantage?