The Goods About The Goods

By Vanessa Salomons, Director of Retail at Monaghan Golf Group


New collections launched and in shop now.

One of the things I love about golf is the fashion. The unique thing about this sport’s sartorial style is its transcendence from work to home life. To do this, our digs need to be comfortable, easy to care for and stylish enough to wear on and off the course.

Here are our top four brand picks for 2019; see them in our shops now!

#4 Cutter & Buck – The Men’s Collection. Classic, right? Call me old school but there is just something about a clean, classic look on the men in our lives. The colour palette and interesting patterns lend these a contemporary feel. My fav piece in the line? The Pike Polo Vertical Vine Print. It’s the perfect piece of apparel to be paired with shorts, giving you a very West Coast vibe.

#3 Tail Ladies’ Apparel – I have forever been on the hunt for a women’s brand that withstands the test of time. It’d been many years since I ordered the Tail brand but last year it caught my eye and I was immediately passionate about it. The fit, the styling, the ability to wear it on and off course and the comfort of the clothing make it a fantastic addition to any ladies’ wardrobe. Fav piece? The Giselle. A classic black and white etched floral dress with a high zip mock. All the golf dresses in this collection are flattering and fantastic on a diverse range of body types.

#2 FootJoy Golf Men’s Apparel – A tried and true old friend. We’ve watched this line become more fashion forward over the last few seasons. FootJoy has really emerged as a favourite of mine. The quality of the product has always been at the top of the game but now I sincerely look forward to the fashion driven polos. My collection of choice? The Wilmington Collection. I cannot even choose one fav piece – all of it works.

#1 Penguin Golf – My favourite find of last year’s buying show, hands down. This Menswear line truly brings a breath of fresh air to golf! (Fingers crossed for a Ladies’ collection in 2020.) The historical brand is synonymous with legends like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Palmer. The “Original Penguin Golf” brand is back and rolling out a mix of classic sportswear with a trim, hipster fit.

We are always on the hunt for the next greatest golf apparel collection, piece or line that really ups the ante for style on the course. What are you showcasing in your Pro Shops this year?