Monaghan Golf Group has a proven track record of helping golf facilities to streamline their operations, enhance their player experience and increase their bottom line.  

We believe that a quality golf experience hinges on excellence and consistency throughout all aspects of the golf course operation. From pristine course conditions to new and innovative retail offerings to exceptional guest services, it is our goal to increase your revenues while providing your clients with a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment they walk through your door.

We deliver tailored business solutions to Western Canadian golf facilities.  From semi-private to municipal courses operating with a range of revenues, our team works with you to create a management plan that prioritizes both outstanding customer service and fiscal responsibility.

We offer you the below range of services:


Golf Operations

We offer customizable operations planning for your golf facility. We can plan and implement everything from a centralized approach to accounting, to payroll, human resources, team training and general management.  We help you manage cash flow, and balance revenues and expenses effectively and efficiently.


Retail Management

Our retail services include a needs-analysis of your retail operation. We offer promotional planning, merchandising, inventory management aid and control, cost of goods analysis, purchase planning, purchasing, vendor relations, product assortment and placement-buying power.


Sales & Marketing

We provide assistance with social media, experiential and digital marketing, facility branding, event management, promotional planning and offer a fully customizable marketing plan for all aspects of the operation including Golf Operations, Food and Beverage, Retail, Events, Course Maintenance and Membership/Customer services.


Human Resources

Our HR services help you to align your business strategy with a strong team.  We assist with recruiting, terminating, and aiding teams through transition. We offer the creation of job descriptions, offer letters and agreements, compensation analysis, employee handbooks and advise on employee file management. We aim to reduce your turnover and enhance your team morale.



We provide an overall needs assessment of your course maintenance program. This includes infrastructure aid, course maintenance, best practices consulting, aesthetics, overall course condition consulting, prioritization of capital improvements, equipment leases and/or rental management, course budgeting and expense management.


Finance & Administration

We offer centralized support for budgeting, finance, procurement, administration, and information technology.


Food & Beverage

Our Food and Beverage services include monitoring of food safety procedures, managing risk, providing value, managing food cost, menu planning and design, and an overall improved efficiency in front and back of house services with the aim to increase customer satisfaction and grow overall profitability.


Risk Management & Procurement

We pro-actively build solutions by identifying, qualifying and building positive resolutions in all business risk elements. This is achieved by drawing on our connections with our tendered associate group. We have partner programs in place with key suppliers combined with corporate policies and procedures to handle all purchasing, sales tracking and receiving in all business departments.